The AMIS Crop Monitor Report and Early Warning Crop Monitor Report for May 2016 have been published.
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Conditions at a Glance as of April 28th, 2016



In the northern hemisphere, conditions for the winter wheat crop continue to be largely favourable with improved prospects in Russia and Ukraine. Spring wheat planting has begun in the Russian Federation. The southern hemisphere is currently out of season.


In the southern hemisphere, conditions deteriorated in Brazil due to dry conditions affecting the summer planted crop and conditions remain poor in South Africa. In the northern hemisphere planting has begun under generally favourable conditions.


El Niño continues to impact conditions in parts of Southeast Asia, most notably in Thailand where harvest has begun and production is decreased, in southern Vietnam and Philippines. Conditions have improved in Indonesia.


In the southern hemisphere, conditions are mixed as harvest progresses. Conditions in Argentina deteriorated due to heavy rainfall, which caused lower yields, reduction in grain quality and area loss. Conditions in Brazil are favourable over the main producing regions but mixed in the northern areas due to drought. The northern hemisphere is currently out of season.
Early Warning

Southern Africa

Poor conditions and crop failure across the region continue to impact millions of people as the main growing season draws to a close. Although in most drought affected regions, recent rainfall came too late to improve conditions, some improvements were observed in northern parts of the region including in parts of Zambia and Botswana.

East Africa

The season recently began, and crops are in early stages of development with overall favourable conditions in the main growing areas. Much needed rainfall in April improved conditions in parts of Ethiopia. There is some concern over earlier dry conditions in parts of Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia, though it is still early in the season and conditions can improve with timely rainfall.

West Africa

West Africa is still mostly out of season. Conditions remain favourable for the crops that are currently in season.

North Africa

Severe drought conditions across the region is causing crop failure in large parts of Morocco and raising concerns in Western Algeria and South Eastern Tunisia.

Southeast Asia

El Niño continues to negatively impact large areas of Southeast Asia. Harvest has begun for the dry season crop and conditions are poor in Thailand and Laos. Conditions have improved in Indonesia.

Central America & Caribbean

Most regions remain out of season.


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